The Milton Keynes National Bowl, Watling St, Milton Keynes MK5 8AA There are three entrances to Reggae Land. For those arriving on foot, please use the north gate. See the following What3Words link for the gate location: [CLICK HERE]

For those who have booked parking, please use the gate specified in your booking, we have two options: The north car park and the east car park. North car park entrance: [CLICK HERE] East car park entrance: [CLICK HERE]

For those arriving via taxi/vehicle drop-off, please us our designated pick-up/drop-off pont on Chesney Wold. See the following What3Words for the location. [CLICK HERE]

All above gates will be clearly signposted upon arrival at the site.

Disabled access parking location – [CLICK HERE]

We recommend that those who require access parking use the east car park. The access entrance will be via the following: [CLICK HERE]
The event starts at 12PM with acts from the start, last entry time is strictly 5PM. We advise planning your journey & arriving as early as possible. The event ends at 11PM. Please be aware there is no re-entry if you leave you will not be admitted again.
No, you can download your ticket to your smartphone via the Skiddle app. Signal in the area can be restricted when there are a lot of people around, please download your ticket in advance or print your ticket off if you feel this will allow for a smoother entrance to our festival.
We are operating a cashless bar system. You will be able to buy drinks via chip & pin or contactless. If you will be heading to our festival with cash, this must be exchanged for tokens at our token booth.
Yes, there will 50 + traders at Reggae Land to choose from including vegan & vegetarian options. Food can be bought via chip & pin, contactless payments or via cash.
There are no cash machines at the festival site. Chip & pin is available at the bars, token booths & food vendors. If you are bringing cash, please bring enough to last throughout the day as no festival re-entry’s are allowed.
There is two medical/welfare tents on-site and will be clearly sign posted. If you or your friends feel unwell during the event, please visit the welfare/medical area to seek medical attention. (please check our site map for the exact locations)
Illegal substances, alcohol, liquids of any sorts (including perfume/make up products/aerosols/drinks). Glass of any kind, flares or fireworks, selfie sticks, weapons. Hand sanitisers (100ml or less) will be allowed upon security checking the contents of the bottle. Sealed bottles of water, chairs, & small picnics are fine to bring.
Car parking tickets are now available to buy for Reggae Land on 5th & 6th August. The Stadium MK have kindly put on parking around the festival site for our Reggae Land family to purchase. This is located in the North & East Bowl car parks (MK5 8AA). Car parking tickets available via – [CLICK HERE]
YES! Reggae Land is a family friendly event. However, anybody under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Local taxi companies will be made aware of our festival taking place, however, please look to pre-arrange your travel to & from the festival as taxi availability can be limited once leaving the event. For train times and taxi company details please visit the relevant dropdown in the above travel section.


Watling Street, Milton Keynes, MK5 8AA
The venue is situated on the west side of Milton Keynes and is signposted around the outskirts of the venue.

Due to the high volume of vehicular traffic heading to the venue and volumes of pedestrian traffic at the egress stage, a series of residential protections, temporary speed restrictions and waiting restrictions will be in place around the site footprint to facilitate safe access and egress of patrons to the event and to mitigate delays on the highway network along with protecting residential frontages from public fly-parking or nuisance. Please allow extra time for your journey.
There are two official event car parks providing public parking in the immediate vicinity of the Bowl. Spaces can only be guaranteed by advance booking at the charge of £25 cars/minibuses/blue badge holders and £75 coaches. All bookings are subject to a 10% booking fee and must be made via:

• Follow signage for your designated car park once you reach the external footprint of the National Bowl.
• Advance parking permit holders will assign themselves a Car Park when booking and MUST only park in their assigned car park.
• The designated accessible car park is identified with the blue badge symbol (postcode MK5 8AA. What3words reference ///screening.call.turkey).
• For coach parking, follow ‘North Car Park’ (postcode MK5 8AA. What3words reference ///dimes.imparting.legroom).
• Car parks are open from 10:00 and close at 02:00.
• There is NO overnight parking available. Any vehicle left in car parks after the closure time will be removed at the owner’s expense. 
• As this is a green field event, there are no EV charging points available on site.
• Parking will be on grass and is therefore subject to weather conditions.
• You may experience a slight delay to exit the car park while we facilitate the egress of pedestrians returning to the station or local residences. 
• Pre booked tickets are non-refundable.

Please note that parking charges will increase for purchase on the day and will be subject to availability.

Additional paid parking is available in Milton Keynes City Centre, with the most convenient located near to Milton Keynes Central Railway Station which connects to the pedestrian cycleway Redway system “Leisure Route 51”, a 25-30 minute (just over one mile) signposted walk to the venue. Please use car parks provided as illegally parked cars are at risk of being towed away.
‘No Waiting’ restrictions will be in place on the roadways surrounding the Bowl and no drop offs will be permitted. The official Drop Off and Pick Up facility is located on Chesney Wold which will be subject to a one-way system with entry from Summerston Road. Follow ‘Taxis & Pick Up/Drop Off’ signs. Postcode: MK6 1BA. What3words reference: ///aquatic.pronouns.firm
The same restrictions will apply for taxi/private hire drop off and pick up as private cars and the arrangements as detailed above Drop Off & Pick Up should be followed.

Local Taxi company details:

001 Royal Cabs – 01908 444444
CAB365.UK – 01908 535353
247 Taxiline – 01908 676767
A1 Milton Keynes – 01908 492492
Clives – 01908 263263
Milton Keynes Taxi Service – 01908 596969
Starride – 01908 473373
MK City Cabs – 01908 382737
Greenline – 01908 596969
Skyline – 01908 222111
Joy Taxis – 01908 666000
AM Taxis – 01908 226666
MK Cabs – 01908 900900
Speedline – 01908 260260
Lucky Taxis – 01908 666222
Big Green Coach is operating return coach travel from: Bedford, Birmingham, Coventry, London (Victoria), Luton, Northampton, Peterborough and St Albans and places can be booked by visiting their website: [CLICK HERE]
The nearest railway station is Milton Keynes Central with services operated by Avanti West Coast [CLICK HERE] and London Northwest Railway [CLICK HERE]

Please be advised that engineering works are taking place at London Euston on both Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 August affecting both Avanti West Coast and London Northwestern services. Services are also likely to be busier than usual and some on-the-day changes to services may apply due to industrial action. Due to other events taking place on the same weekend it is also advisable to allow plenty of time for your outward journey from London. Patrons are advised to visit lnr.uk/plan to check their journey in advance and on the day for live updates at nationalrail.co.uk.

From Milton Keynes Central railway station exit right and walk for 50 metres and then turn right on to a footbridge over the railway line. This is pedestrian cycleway Redway system “Leisure Route 51” and a 25-30 minute (just over one mile) and will be signposted with event signage to the Bowl. Please bear in mind your return journey to the rail station may take longer due to the number of attendees exiting the venue at the same time. Patrons using rail transport are reminded that it is their responsibility to allow enough time to make the necessary rail connections when leaving the venue.

Last timetabled services are detailed below.

Towards London Saturday: London Northwestern 23.07 and 23.40 to London Euston (both 8 cars) + Avanti services Sunday: London Northwestern 23.18 and 23.43 to London Euston (both 8 cars) + Avanti services

Towards Northampton Saturday: London Northwestern 23.14, 23.30, 23.47, 00.11, 00.40, 01.00 and 01.19 (mixture of 8/12 cars) + Avanti services Sunday: London Northwestern 23.07, 23.36, 23.49, 23.58, 00.08 and 00.50 (8 cars) + Avanti services


Saturday 5th August: 10:02PM / 10:08PM / 10:20PM / 10:25PM 10:48PM / 11:03PM / 11:07PM / 11:40PM
Sunday 6th August: 10:00PM / 10:11PM / 10:30PM / 10:35PM 10:51PM / 11:07PM / 11:18PM / 11:43PM


Saturday 5th August: 10:13PM / 10:27PM / 10:57PM / 11:14PM 11:30PM 11:47PM
Sunday 6th August: 10:08PM / 10:33PM / 10:37PM / 11:07PM 11:36PM / 11:49PM / 11:58PM


Saturday 5th August: 10:02PM / 10:20PM / 10:25PM / 11:03PM / 11:40PM
Sunday 6th August: 10:11PM / 10:30PM / 11:07PM / 11:18PM / 11:43PM


Saturday 5th August: 10:02PM / 10:20PM / 10:25PM / 11:03PM / 11:40PM
Sunday 6th August: 10:11PM / 10:30PM / 11:07PM / 11:18PM / 11:43PM


Saturday 5th August: 10:13PM / 10:18PM / 10:27PM / 10:32PM
Sunday 6th August: 10:08PM / 10:33PM / 10:47PM / 11:14PM

Saturday 5th August: 10:08PM / 10:25PM / 10:48PM / 10:07PM

Sunday 6th August: 10:11PM / 10:35PM / 11:18PM / 11:43PM


Saturday 5th August: 10:20PM / 10:25PM / 11:03PM / 11:40PM
Sunday 6th August: 10:51PM / 11:43PM


Saturday 5th August: 10:20PM / 10:25PM / 11:03PM / 11:07PM
Sunday 6th August: 10:30PM / 10:51PM / 11:43PM

To get a bus back to Milton Keynes Train station, please see the below routes & final timings

Route – 4 Pick up point – Knowlhill Roundabout East (18 minute walk) Saturday: 10:20PM / Sunday: 10:02PM
Route – 8E Pick up point – Kelvin Drive (10 minute Walk) Saturday: 10:24PM
For the Saturday event, attendees are to utilise Bus Route 8 between Oxley Park and Walnut Tree. Patrons heading towards Oxley Park should get off at Winterhill Retail Estate whilst visitors heading towards Walnut Tree should alight at Leadenhill Roundabout North. Both are  to then follow the Redway to Chaffron Way where pedestrian signage will direct them to join Leisure Route 51 walking route to the venue.

There are no local buses operating on a Sunday that directly serve The National Bowl site, however a number of services run to Station Square adjacent to Milton Keynes Central railway station from where Leisure Route 51 can be used to access the Bowl. For more information on local services and to download timetables visit [CLICK HERE]